Prince Harry’s ‘cardinal sin’ over Meghan Markle laid bare


Prince Harry has come under fire for making the ‘biggest mistake imaginable’ and “committing the most cardinal sin” with his decision to marry Meghan Markle.This clap back against the ‘toxic thought process’ has been issued by none other than the sister of Dolly Parton, Stella Parton.


The revelation has been made by Express UK, as part of a report and they quote the singer as branding the entire royal institution, as well as members of the Royal Family as “a toxic waste heap” that are “dead set” against “a mixed race, beautiful, American woman.”She even slipped in a sly dig against Prince Harry’s father and heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles during her admission.

According to Stella, “Had [Prince Harry] chosen a wife like his father did, no one would have had a problem.”Before concluding she also lauded the young spare for being able to “man up” and “get his family out” of a place that “reeked of jealously from a mile away.”


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