Prince Harry not ‘important or relevant’ in the US



Body language expert claimed harry and Eugenie looked “confused” as they attended Super BowlPrince Harry, who attended the star-studded Super Bowl with his cousin Princess Eugenie in California earlier this month, has been labelled not as ‘important or relevant’ in the US as he seems to be in the UK.



Dr Lillian Glass, a body language expert, analysed the photos of the Duke at the event claiming they both looked “confused” as they watched the game.She claimed the lack of official photos of the royal pair at the game, and the lack of other shots shared on social media, highlight Harry’s “irrelevancy” in the US.



Dr Lillian Glass told “In the US Harry isn’t considered as important or relevant as he seems to be in the UK and bringing Eugenie as opposed to Meghan [to the Super Bowl] reflects that irrelevancy.”


Dr Glass also claimed it was “odd” that Eugenie attended the event as opposed to Harry’s wife Meghan Markle – a feat evidenced by their body language.


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