Patrick Mahomes endorses Coors Light… no, not the beer

Patrick Mahomes endorses Coors Light... no, not the beer


Roses are red. The mountains are blue. Patrick Mahomes found a way around the NFL’s beer endorsement rule and it’s for a good cause, too.On Wednesday, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback took to Twitter to share an advertisement for Coors Light. However, the product in question wasn’t the adult beverage. Rather, the four-time Pro Bowler, two-time All-Pro and Super Bowl LIV MVP was promoting “The Coors Light” — a flashlight that “feels cold as the Rocky Mountains.”


Patrick Mahomes endorses Coors Light... no, not the beer

According to league rules, NFL players can’t directly endorse alcoholic beverages. While it’s quite common for retired players and coaches to pitch us on their favorite beer, Mahomes had to get creative to partner up with Coors Light. Cue an entertaining spot for a “quality flashlight.”All proceeds for the $15 flashlights — which were listed as “out of stock” on website within four hours of Mahomes’ ad going live — will benefit the quarterback’s 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of children.

In addition to the NFL’s hard stance on players not directly endorsing beer, there’s also only one official beer (and hard seltzer) sponsor for the entire league: Bud Light. Which might help explain why fellow quarterback Taylor Heinicke of the Washington Commanders was unsuccessful in his attempts to secure a partnership with Heineken last fall.In addition to “The Coors Light,” Mahomes has a long list of endorsements ranging from Hunt’s ketchup to Essentia Water that he can promote without the aid of a large, steel flashlight.


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