Paige Spiranac, “Maxim” crowned the golfer

Paige Spiranac,


Paige Spiranac (29) has been enchanting the golf world with her Instagram account for years. With snapshots and suggestive photos, the American has now amassed a proud 3.3 million followers on social media. The men’s magazine “Maxim” voted the golfer the “Most Beautiful Woman Alive”.She even left superstars like actress Megan Fox (36), singer Dua Lipa (26) and influencer Kylie Jenner (24) behind! Spiranac joins the ranks of prominent winners such as Eva Longoria (47), Bar Rafaeli (37) and Taylor Swift (32).And wins as the first athlete ever!
Paige Spiranac, award.So it’s clear that the Instagram star is happy. On Twitter, she thanked the magazine for the award. Spiranac: “I I can’t believe it! Thank you Maxim for this incredible honor!”.


Paige Spiranac, "Maxim" crowned the golfer

Adding, “When I got the call, I kept asking, ‘Are you sure?’ because I was really incredulous.” Apparently Spiranac did everything right with the decision to focus more on the influencer than on the golf career…Traditional positions in the golf industry have included broadcasters, golfers and instructors, but Spiranac has found a unique role in golf history. It’s hard to define or classify that role, but his presence on social media has opened up opportunities to impact and innovate the sport.


Paige Spiranac celebrates her cover picture as Maxim's Hottest Woman in Hyde Beach's event

Considering that his social networks continue to be compared to golf’s elite like Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler, his presence is making itself felt. Spiranac’s fame opened doors for her and she also criticized those who disagree or question what she brings to golf.In its nearly seven decades of publication, Golf Digest has featured a woman on the cover twenty-three times, and only eleven of them are solo covers by professional golfers. Some people believe it is fair to question whether Spiranac’s media attention and inclusion in professional golf is justified based on what he has actually achieved on the golf course.

golf. ESPN’s Sarah Spain went so far as to suggest that the only reason Golf Digest considered Spiranac for its cover was because of the type of clothing he wore. In February 2018, Paige Spiranac appeared in the 2018 Sports Illustrated for the first time.Spiranac used the experience to promote her anti-bullying message and to continue to fight for a woman’s right to feel comfortable in his own skin.40 A trend in Spiranac’s features in various publications is the message he tries to send about bullying.

He has used his platform to continually talk about his own painful experiences with bullies and what he thinks society needs to do to fix the problem. Spiranac has opened up to publications like Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest to share her accounts of random internet users harassing her online.After once reaching a point where she “didn’t want to live anymore,” she has since used that experience as motivation for her fight against online abuse.


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