Paige Spiranac discusses how she became one of golf’s biggest influencers

Paige Spiranac discusses how she became one of golf's biggest influencers


The former standout player at Washington and San Diego State was going to give up the game following college, but she pushed on to try and play professionally. She modeled to help fund her pro ambitions and in the process became one of the most followed golfers in the country. And while she doesn’t play competitively anymore — her last competitive round was in the American Century Championship five years ago when she finished 14th — she has been able to forge a successful career in the game through her instructional videos on social media.


Paige Spiranac discusses how she became one of golf's biggest influencers

That’s been a surprise, even to her.”Once I finished at San Diego State, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do,” Spiranac said on Thursday’s NSN Daily. “I kind of lost my love for golf. My dad said to just give it one year to play professionally, and throughout all of the craziness that happened with social media, golf is very expensive, especially for women. And I was using modeling and media work to pay for my golf career, but I had no experience in media work at all. It’s not something I even wanted to pursue. I did take public speaking classes in college and my professor came up to me after I ran out of the room and threw up because I was so nervous. He was like, ‘Never get a job where you have to speak in front of people.'”

Nonetheless, Spiranac said she leveraged her looks and her golf IQ into a successful media career as a golf influencer, which has helped get her into the American Century Championship twice. Returning this year has been a thrill, Spiranac said.”It’s such an incredible event,” Spiranac said. “You are on the range and you’re looking up, like, ‘Oh, my, gosh, they’re all legends and I don’t belong.’ But it’s really fun to be back.”Spiranac will play her first round Friday with actor Miles Teller and musician/actor Nick Jonas. She joked she’ll be the envy of all the women watching the event.

“I will probably be the most hated woman in America,” Spiranac said with a laugh. “I play with two heartthrobs. I played with Nick Jonas before. We played this fun little nine-hole match and were partners, so it’ll be fun to play with him again. And I love TikTok, and Miles Teller is everywhere on TikTok, so that will be fun. A ton of screaming girls following us, I’m sure.”


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