MEET Patrick Mahomes’ Siblings: How Many Brothers and Sisters Does the QB Have, and what they do for living?

MEET Patrick Mahomes’ Siblings: How Many Brothers and Sisters Does the QB Have, and what they do for living?

Patrick Mahomes may be the best quarterback in the NFL, with an MVP and a Super Bowl ring by the age of 26. He is a household name and has a high level of fame. But what about the rest of his family? Younger brother Jackson has a bit of fame himself thanks to a strong social media following, but he isn’t Patrick Mahomes’ only sibling. There are actually two other siblings in the Mahomes clan, giving the Chiefs quarterback a total of one brother and two sisters. Let’s find out more about them.

Who are Patrick Mahomes’ parents?

Patrick was born in Texas in 1995 to parents Pat and Randi Mahomes. Father Pat also played professional sports; he pitched in Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003. His parents got married in the 1990s, and in 2000, Randi gave birth to Jackson. He would be the last child that the Mahomes would have together, as they divorced in 2006.

Despite their marriage ending, Pat and Randi have maintained an amicable relationship in the ensuing years. Randi raised the kids following the divorce, but Patrick has a good relationship with his father, and the two remain in contact with each other.

Patrick Mahomes has two siblings from after his parents’ divorce

After the Mahomeses divorced, they each went on to have another child through other relationships. Patrick’s half-sister, Zoe Mahomes, was born in one of Pat’s relationships after the divorce. Patrick’s other half-sister, Mia Randall, was born to Rand in 2011, and she is the youngest of Mahomes’ siblings. Randi isn’t shy about posting pictures of her youngest daughter on social media to document the girl’s life for the mother’s followers.

Despite a significant age difference between Patrick and his half-sisters, he has a strong relationship with them, as he does with Jackson. Mahomes made his siblings aunts and an uncle earlier this year when he welcomed a daughter with his fiancée Brittany Matthews, adding another member to the Mahomes family.

Jackson Mahomes has an impressive social media following

Perhaps helped by his brother’s fame, Jackson has become a social media celebrity in recent years. The 21-year-old’s largest following is on TikTok, where the marketing student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City has more than 970,000 followers. Jackson’s popularity doesn’t end on that platform, though. He has 255,000 followers on Instagram and 28,000 on Twitter, along with nearly 25,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Jackson is taking advantage of his popularity by launching his own line of merchandise. But that fame also brings controversy to Jackson.

Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother gets hate messages from people on social media, including anti-gay slurs despite his publicly addressing his sexuality and clarifying that he is straight. The hurtful messages Jackson receives affect him more than the people sending them may realize. He has spoken out about the hate, saying, “I honestly really struggle with it and am trying to stay strong, but it’s become too much.”

Unfortunately, Jackson’s actions bring on some of the controversy that surrounds him. CBS Sports reports that Jackson was caught throwing water at a Ravens fan following the Chiefs’ loss to Baltimore on Sunday Night Football in Week 2. Mahomes was reportedly upset about his brother losing the close game and got aggressive with the Ravens fan. He responded to a tweet about the incident by writing, “They were thirsty.”

Despite the controversies, Jackson has a good relationship with Patrick. Jackson attends as many Chiefs games as he can and has called Matthews his “best friend.” The Mahomes brothers have also starred in a State Farm commercial together, with Patrick helping grow his brother’s fame.


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