Look: Paige Spiranac’s Response To Critical Fan Goes Viral

Look: Paige Spiranac's Response To Critical Fan Goes Viral


Paige Spiranac, who remains on top of OutKick’s world No. 1 golf influencer rankings, got back into the Instagram Story content game Monday with a question and answer session where, once again, she cleared up the questions that just won’t stop popping up.Perhaps sensing the pressure being applied by the world’s No. 2 golf influencer Claire Hogle, Spiranac didn’t back down when asked, “What’s a question you are most tired of being asked?”


Look: Paige Spiranac's Response To Critical Fan Goes Viral

The former golf pro who pissed off the LPGA cleavage police with her attire came out guns blazing.“This probably isn’t a surprise and I’m shocked you guys still ask me these questions because it’s not like I’m shy and I won’t answer them. I’ve been very upfront about OnlyFans and if my boobs are real,” Spiranac told her fans.“No, I will not do OnlyFans and yes, they are real,” Paige added.



Look: Paige Spiranac's Response To Critical Fan Goes Viral

And there you have it, the definitive answers are once again on the record for those of you who won’t stop asking.Paige, who spent the summer as No. 1 on the cover of Maxim’s Hot 100 issue, also addressed the hate mail she’s been receiving over her look in the magazine photos.“I love those Maxim photos because they were different,” Paige acknowledges while noting her makeup in the shoot was a big change from her normal look which hasn’t changed over the years on her social media channels.

There you have it. You wanted answers, you got them on a quiet Monday in July with NFL training camps quietly getting started. This is about as perfect a time for Paige to finally squash these ridiculous questions the maniacs keep asking.Move on, maniacs!


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