Kate Middleton received parenting lesson from Queen Elizabeth

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Princess Diana insisted on nursing William and Harry herself



Queen Elizabeth II is said to have been a big influence in Kate’s decision to breastfeed her sweet children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince louis.


Kate Middleton


Royal historian Amy Licence told The Guardian that traditionally, royal mothers didn’t breastfeed their babies, but all that changed when the Queen welcomed her own children.


The monarch chose to ignore this rule, and reportedly choosing to breastfeed Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, which sparked a new trend in royal motherhood.



Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge have followed in the footsteps of the monarch, proudly opted to bring up their children in the same way.



“Princess Diana insisted on nursing William and Harry herself”, Licence revealed, adding that both Kate and Prince William frequently mentioned they were keen to take a “hands-on” approach with their little ones.”


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly try to give their children the most normal upbringing possible.


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