John Cena’s Current WWE WrestleMania 38 Status Confirmed.



WWE is putting together the best WrestleMania event they can, because everything is bigger in Texas. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is returning to the ring in some respect for a match against Kevin Owens and, as Ringside News exclusively reported, Vince McMahon is going to get his hands dirty as well. That begs the question about another huge name returning.John Cena is busy with one project after another. He had a blast as The Peacemaker and that will continue into season two on HBO Max.



Plugging that show also got him some heat when he tried to make a correlation with Russia invading the Ukraine. Fans want him back in WWE, but that isn’t happening right now. Ringside News asked around about the possibility that John Cena is going to be a part of the massive WrestleMania 38 card as well. We were told that is not in the plan at all, but like everything else it was discussed.A tenured member of the creative team informed us that,



“Cena was discussed, as was everyone outside of religion and politics, but Cena was never a real possibility.”Cena’s last official match saw him win in a tag contest with The Mysterios against The Bloodline at WWE’s October Madison Square Garden event. He previously wrestled against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in a losing effort.We will have to see if John Cena returns to WWE sooner or later, but don’t get your hopes up about WrestleMania 38.


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