‘It’s disgusting’ Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry’s ‘terrible’ decision to call out royals

‘It’s disgusting’ Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry’s ‘terrible’ decision to call out royals

Piers Morgan, 57, has spoken up about Prince Harry’s latest book. The TV presenter said he thinks Harry’s behaviour is “terrible” after speculating he may call out his family in the new work.

He explained he felt “annoyed” by Harry.

Piers then added he was unimpressed by Harry’s potential decision to “spray-gun the Royals”.

He prefaced by describing Meghan as “highly manipulative” and “ruthless” but adding that Harry’s behaviour was just as frustrating.

The star said: “You’re dealing with a really ruthless person here, highly manipulative, very determined to springboard herself up the social ladder…

“But really, I feel as annoyed by Harry’s behaviour, if not more so actually.

“I think what he’s doing is terrible.

“The fact he keeps doing it, and he’s got this book coming out, which is presumably going to spray-gun the royals all over again, I think it’s disgusting.”

He then went on to discuss the scandals involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in comparison to Prince Andrew.

Speaking to The Times in April he confirmed he obviously thought what Andrew is accused of was “far worse.”

He explained there is no scale to compare the two scandals.

The presenter said the fact that The Queen’s second son has had to “pay millions of dollars in a settlement to stop himself being accountable in a court of law against a woman claiming that he had under-age sex with her in America is disgusting”.

Prince Andrew denied the claims made against him and the payment was put through without any admission of liability.


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