Fortnite: Is NFL star Patrick Mahomes getting an icon series skin?

Fortnite: Is NFL star Patrick Mahomes getting an icon series skin?


Chapter 3 Fortnite Season 3 has been a complete blitz of material so far, and Epic Games doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.It has been a complete party thus far for the Summer Vibin’ themed season, and it appears like another celebrity is about to join the fun.He is a legendary player in the American NFL and might soon be in the Fortnite Icon Series. Discover all there is to know about the prospective Patrick Mahomes skin for Fortnite as the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback may be joining the battle.


Fortnite: Is NFL star Patrick Mahomes getting an icon series skin?

The Fortnite Icon series skins are very well-liked among players. They are extremely valuable and everyone wants to possess them in the Epic Games BR title since they include streamers, influencers, content creators, and well-known people.Patrick Mahomes Fortnite skin.Popular Fortnite leakers posted teasers teasing the potential arrival of Patrick Mahomes as a new skin for gamers to unlock, which sparked the first speculations.

The NFL and Epic Games previously worked together to create in-game Fortnite clothes, but they were just standard team-licensed items.If previous leaks are accurate, Mahomes will be the focus of this drop since he will be getting a custom Fortnite character. Although a precise release date for the Patrick Mahomes drop was not yet specified, some well-known Fortnite leakers predicted it should occur shortly.

As of yet, the only information about the files holding the Fortnite Patrick Mahomes information that has leaked is an Adidas logo. The well-known sportswear company is one of Mahomes’ main sponsors.Given that Fortnite currently has generic NFL clothing, it’s plausible that the upcoming update may include a version of Mahomes “out of uniform.” The jersey number in the Fortnite locker can be changed with these NFL team skins, and many fans have used the #15 as a method to play with a fake Mahomes outfit.

Several athletes have already appeared as Fortnite Icon Series skins. Neymar, Naomi Osaka, Marco Reus, and LeBorn James are among those mentioned. No NFL player has appeared as a Fortnite Icon skin to date.If the leaks are true, Patrick Mahomes will be the first NFL player to appear on the coveted list if he had been included. Players must, however, wait a while before he can join other sports figures in the list of Fortnite Icons since the files holding his in-game data were removed.


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