Guys Must Know These 4 Vital Details Before Dating Broke Ladies

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Dating is, usually, an heterosexual relationship, in which two partners or lovers, engage in series of romantic outings and activities together, in a bid to ascertain each other’s compatibility as marriage spouses. That’s the principal reason why most people date.
Although, some people also date for just fun and pleasure, in this modern era of human history. Anyways, that’s another issue for another day.
The main purpose of writing this article is to highlight few reasons why guys shouldn’t date broke ladies. Most often, the popular opinion is that ladies should avoid broke guys. However, we guys too have our own reasons why we can’t date broke women, too.
The few reasons are not far-fetched, as they listed as follows:

1. Broke Ladies are mostly the irresponsible type: 

Yes, most times, the reason why most ladies are broke is because they are not responsible yet to take charge of their personal lives. They’re the type that wait for their boyfriends to feed them, clothe them, and the likes. See, dating a broke lady won’t take you anywhere.

2. Most Broke Ladies are Gold-diggers: 

You hear that? Some broke ladies use relationships as an avenue to milk their boyfriends. Whenever you come in contact with them, they always want to get benefits from you. They are more or less parasites. They’re out to get from you, without contributing any significant thing to the relationship.

3. They Cheat The Most: 

It’s has been proven that broke ladies, are the types that cheat most on their boyfriends. The reason is due to the fact that they find it hard to resist advances from guys that are more financially capable, than their boyfriends. You should think twice before dating broke ladies.

 4. Broke Ladies are Liabilities:

Dating a broke lady will make her to be a liability on your finances. You won’t have much funds to save or invest, in other things, all because you want to show her that you love and care for her. Such ladies usually weigh their boyfriends down, if care is not taken. In the long run, your finances might hit the rocks. Beware!


Like I always say, dating a broke lady remains your personal decision. If you do, be prepared to encounter one or more of the reasons I discussed above. Although, some broke ladies won’t do any of the things above, as some are just broke by circumstances. But to be on a safer path, avoid broke ladies! I call them “bad energy.”
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Finally, thanks for reading this article.
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