Who Is A Benefit Boy? See 3 Risks Of Becoming One

Benefit Boy (Picture used for illustrative purpose only)
Benefit Boys are everywhere! The Nigerian social media space is renowned for trends. From time to time, social media influencers know how to bring up trends that dicuss different topics.
This time around in 2020, another trend came up while everyone is saying this, and that about some “Benefit Boys.” Who’s a benefit boy? What does it mean?

Who Is A Benefit Boy?

A benefit boy is a new slang or term that’s being used to describe young guys, that earns a living from online scams and fraud. It’s just another euphemism for Yahoo boys. So, whenever someone is being termed as a benefit boy around you, you should know what they mean.
More so, being a benefit boy can be desirable, based on how our present society and youths celebrate fast wealth. The society don’t even care about you got your money.
However, if you don’t want these three things happening to you, you shouldn’t bother about yourself about the so-called benefits boys, or becoming one.

Dangers Of Becoming A Benefit Boy

1. Being wanted by EFCC

One thing you should never ignore is that once you become a benefit boy, the EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies poses a threat to your livelihood. You stand the risk of being tagged as a wanted criminal, if your scam or fraud victims end up reporting you.
Being a benefit boy won’t give you peace of mind. I’m sure you won’t like to end up imprisoned, just because you want to the live the “big boy” life. If you can’t bear this risk, don’t even think of becoming a benefit boy.

2. Being banned from foreign embassies

Another problem that can arise from being a benefit boy, is the ban from foreign embassies. Once your name get blacklisted for online fraud, just forget it, man. No embassy will grant you visa to visit their countries. I’m very sure you don’t pray for that.
Therefore, don’t become a benefit boy, if you don’t want travel restrictions to placed on you.

3. A long-term imprisonment

In the end, you might end up being jailed for many years, if the long arm of the law catches up with you. Being a benefit boy may even earn you a capital punishment, if you’re found guilty of severe fraud cases. I’m quite sure you don’t want to end up like that, as well. So, stay away from online fraud.


Being a benefit boy has many disadvantages compared to the ephemeral enjoyment you think you’ll get. Bro, online fraud is not the way forward. Why don’t you adopt rich figures like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and our indigenous Aliko Dangote, as role models instead?
See, a good name is better than riches, they say, right? I’ll tell you that peace of mind is better than fast wealth, which won’t even sustain you for long. Please, let’s be guided. Being a benefit boy carries no dignity or prestige!
I hope this make some little sense to you. Thanks for reading!


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