Before Dating Hausa Girls, You Should Know These 4 Things

Before Dating Hausa Girls, 4 Things You Should Know
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Northern Nigeria is a region blessed with human resources. The population there is something to be proud of. Hausa people have a high natality rate, hence their big population structure.
Moreover, the Nothern region of Nigeria is blessed with beautiful, sexy and attractive ladies. Dating a beautiful Hausa girl is a long term goal for some guys. Lol! It’s somehow hilarious.
Yeah. Dating an Hausa lady can be fun, fulfilling, and romantic. Nevertheless, there are certain things you should before dating a girl from Northern Nigeria. Chemistry and being physically attractivw doesn’t mean you can be successful in dating Hausa girls.
In this article, I wrote 4 interesting things you should know if you’re planning to date a girl from that side of Nigeria. They’re listed, not in order of importance below:

1. Ability to speak the Hausa language is necessary

If you intend dating any Hausa girl, the biggest hurdle you have to cross is the ability to speak the Hausa language. Hausa girls are more drawn to guys that can speak their local dialect fluenty. To them, it look more romantic when you speak their native toungue to them using those sweet words.
More so, she might not accept your love proposal if she senses that you can’t speak the language at all. The few guys I know dating Hausa girls had to learn a bit of the language. Or if you can get a third party to do the wooing for you (a lady, preferably), getting her to accept your dating proposal will be easier.

2. Hausa girls don’t tolerate public display of romance

Due to the conservative moral values of Northern Nigeria, the average Hausa girl won’t like the idea of displaying public affection when you guys start to date. You will be required to restrict your lovey-dovey activities to indoor places exclusively. Hugging or kissing her with be a direct disrespect to her culture which can also be a turn-off for her.
So, if you intend dating any Hausa girl, be prepared for little romance unlike the romance scenes you watch in Hollywood and Zeeworld movies. Public display of romance is not an item for you when you date the average Hausa girl. Be cautioned!

3. Hausa girls are faithful lovers

Please, don’t date any Hausa girl if you know you won’t be faithful to her. These beautiful sets of ladies are often committed to their man when they date. You won’t just see them flirting here and there, unlike ladies from the Southern part of the country.
Dear brother, Hausa girls are committed, dedicated and loyal in relationships. In your best interests,  you should reciprocate that good behaviour to them, likewise. If you date one, take good care of her and don’t break her heart.

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4. You might have issues if you’re not from her faith

This is one major thing to consider before settling down to date Hausa girls. The predominant faith in the Northern region of Nigeria is Islam with over 75% of Hausa people practising the faith. It’s very likely that the average Hausa girl you meet, will be a Muslim.
The problem that may arise if you end up dating her is that her parents may not allow you to marry her. It’s quite obvious that Hausa people are conservative of their culture, moral values and faith. If you’re not practising the same faith as her, even if she agrees to date you, getting her parents to approve your relationship with her will be another mountain to climb. In short, be prepared for the worse.

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If you consider these four factors explained above, and you are sure there’s no cause for alarm, then, you’re in the better position to date Hausa girls. I wish you the best of luck and romance in your relationships.
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