6 Common Mistakes Ladies Should Avoid While Dating

6 Common Mistakes Ladies Should Avoid While Dating
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In dating relationships, there are some common mistakes which ladies often make. Nobody is perfect. Yeah, nobody has everything. We are all human beings that can be make one mistake or the other, from time to time. We’re only striving to become perfect, which is quite impossible. The fact remains, nobody is above mistakes and errors.
Some mistakes are costly, expensive and deadly while others can be patched up easily with little or no consequences. We make mistakes in our business decisions, marital choices, courses of study and so on. Nevertheless, the fact that there’s no one above mistake should not hide the fact that some mistakes can be avoided.
Some mistakes are totally avoidabe, if we take proper caution. Therefore, in this article, I wrote about six avoidabe common mistakes which ladies do commit while dating. They’re listed as follows:
It’s a very common practice among ladies to cast their financial responsibilities on their boyfriends, especially Nigerian girls. They see a relationship as employment where the man is expected to take care of their bills, ranginh from house rent to feeding allowance, clothing allowance, maintenance and other bills.
What you don’t know as a lady is that no man wants to be entagled with a liability. Casting your financial burdens on a man reduces the value, respect and regards he has for you.
You can’t expect a man to pay everything for you. There’s nothing that hinders you from doing one job, business and so, to make ends meet. One of the mistake you can do, as a lady, is to wait for your man to pay the bills. There are higher chances that he will leave you once he gets tired of paying bills. More so, men don’t want to marry ladies that becomes liabilities in marriage. 
If you’re guilty of this mistake, it’s high time you change before it’s too late. Don’t cast your bills on your male partner. Be cautioned!

2. Being Clingy

Most ladies do commit this misake of being clingy to their boyfriends. Aunty, once a man sense that you’re choking him, he might walk out of that relationship. Every guy wants space, freedom and time to do other things in his life.
You should understand that he has to hustle and make ends meet. You should know that he has hobbies he loves to do during leisure periods. You should understand that he has other people in his life that need his attention, as well. Being clingy is a total turn-off for most guys. It won’t do you, any good!

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3. Not knowing his friends or family

I know many ladies belonging to this table. You’re in a relationship with someone and you don’t know his family relatives or any of his close friends. Aunty, what’s your purpose in that relationship?
This mistake is quite common these days. There’s nothing that stop you from asking few details from your so-called boyfriend. Futhermore, I don’t expect any sensible lady to say “yes” to a guy she barely know. It’s a sign of emotional immaturity, on the lady’s part. If not, don’t assume you’re in a serious relationship. It’s quite transparent that such guy is only cruising with you, and nothing more.
If you’re looking for something serious, this is one hell of a mistake you shouldn’t make before committing yourself to any man. You deserve to know more. If he’s not ready to let you know his people, please, show him the way out.

4. Trying to make your man jealous by flirting around

Ladies often this mistake, as well. This is something that’s more common on campuses of higher institutions in Nigeria, where there are numerous guys and ladies to flirt with.
Ladies usually do this to make their boyfriends get jealous. However, the reverse is the case as this doesn’t make us feel jealous. Rather, it reduces the regard and respect we have for you.
In addition, there’s something we call “Bro Code” that guides guys in their dealings with each other. Your boyfriend might even be good friends with those guys you’re flirting with. You’re the one losing out here because at the end of the day, he calls you a “bitch.”
If you want to make him feel jealous, flirting around is not the best thing to do. Find other decent ways to make him get jealous (I’ll write about that topic soon).

5. Playing hard to get

Playing hard to get is not a good thing to do. It’s acceptable that you need to form “hard girl” before accepting his love proposal, in a bid to make him value you. Nonetheless, it’s a bad idea to play that role once you guys start dating.
Playing hard to get is one of the biggest reasons why most guys cheat on their babes. If he calls you, pick up. If he texts you, endeavour to reply him, as soon as possible. You don’t need playing hard to get, at this stage of the relationship.

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6. Pushing too fast

As a lady, you shouldn’t be pushing your man to marry you when he’s not ready. If a man really love you, he’ll do his best to settle down with you, as fast as possible. Even, if he’s not yet ready, there’s a sense of assurance you get from him.
Aunty, putting pressure on a man won’t help you. It’s a mistake ladies commit while dating. Doing this makes you look desperate to him. Moreover, no sensible guy wants to settle down with a desperate lady. Be warned. This mistake should be avoided!
There are several other mistakes which ladies make while dating but the six I mentioned are the most common, which can be avoided or prevented. Ladies should take note of them.


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